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superbe application efficace

MyLite Flashlight



I only wish there was an in-app purchase option to remove the annoying ads, then it would be a 5-star app without a question. BEST ILLUMINATION APP, helped me out in inumerous low-light situations.

The best!

The fastest, simplest, and still with all the options you dont need.


Tolles Programm - bis es das iPhone zum abstürzen bringt.

Gutes App!

Besser als Flashlight alle Mahle!!!!

Best lamp - but SOS missing

Almost perfect. And the candle is very cute. Only Im missing an SOS function.


Killing features is not an update. All on screen features like police, fire truck, message .... have been removed. Unfortunately I cannot give negative stars.


Best light app yet!!!!!

Not soo bright

Flashlight could be brighter..I went for a walk in the dark with Flashlight and also needed a cell phone for its brightness to see where I was going...

Excellent App

Ignore the previous review where the reviewer said it gave him the WSOD. No WSOD here, works perfectly, has plenty of presets like cop car sirens, etc. Get it. Its excellent for a free app.

Did not work

Downloaded and it wouldnt start, it spent a whole 2 minutes on my iPhone

Best Flashlight App

Enough said...


I like the lighter feature best!

handy little app

Very well done, not only a flashlight, but little party light effects too. Handy SOS gadget too, if you are in need of assistance. Kudos to the creator.


This is an excellent App., it kept my baby cousin distracted(note:put color seconds on 50 or 30, because it could make a baby blind from the fast acting colors). This app can also come in hand when your in trouble or night.

Handy app

This has come in handy for sure. Good app.


app works perfect and the rock concert lighter feature is really cool

Best flashlight app EVAR!!!

Great untility!

Lets face it, none of the iPhone flashlights are much more than a flat glow-stick. But for signaling someone looking for you in a dark theater it works really well. It has great effects and is "Apple-simple" to operate. I recommend it.

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